Raft the Rogue River | Experience Classic Oregon Rafting

All Star Rafting company floating through rapids on the Rogue River in Oregon

Rafting the Rogue River is unquestionably one of the top river trips in the US, and arguably one of the best trips in the world. Learn about its unique history, why one rafting trip on the river will make you want to quit your 9-5 job, and how you can plan your own adventure!

Where is the Rogue River?

Located in southern Oregon, the Rogue River starts near Crater Lake National Park and winds its way 215 miles to Gold Beach where it joins the Pacific Ocean. The largest town near the popularly rafted sections of the Rogue is Grants Pass, a logging town in the ‘70s that has re branded itself as an outdoor recreation town. Recognizing the inherent special characteristics of the Rogue back in 1968, it is one of the original eight federally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers. And lucky for us, the multi-day rafting trips float right through this incredible area.

Three All Star Rafting boats paddle through a canyon on the Rogue River in Oregon.

Why everyone loves Rogue River rafting in Oregon

It’s really impossible to talk about rafting the Rogue without using an abundance of adjectives—to the point of where it seems completely exaggerated or hyperbolic. But it’s not. Amazing comes up a lot. Unbelievable, gorgeous, unique, and, of course, awesome (the actual definition of the word, not just like describing the burrito you had for dinner kind of awesome). There’s just so much to draw you in.  

Dramatic landscapes and wildlife

There’s the obvious beauty of the river canyon that can awe even the most experienced rafters. For anyone with an iota of natural curiosity, the Rogue can keep you engaged forever with the array of wildlife that is around every bend, which includes the Rough-skinned newt, Osprey and iconic Black Bear. The rich history of the area is truly fascinating with enough unique characters, bloody battles and uprisings, and “gold fever” mining fortunes made and lost to make a hit Netflix series.  

Black bear drinking from the Rogue River in Oregon.

Rogue River rapids

And then there’s the rafting—fun class II-IV rapids are interspersed with relaxing and scenic float time. Rapids of note are Grave Creek Falls, Rainey Falls, Tyee and Wildcat Rapids. You’ll also get to experience Black Bar Falls, Mule Creek Canyon with its bubbling Coffeepot rapid, and Blossom Bar so named by early settlers for the azalea blooms that brighten up the canyon walls.  

Undiscovered territory kind of charm that leaves you wanting more

But rafting the Rogue River is more than the sum of its parts. It’s one of those experiences where you start to think about life changes. Like big life changes. Like quitting your 9 to 5, pulling your kids from school and making huge proclamations like, “It is time to start living!”

And maybe you don’t really quit your job and uproot your family to become a river rat because, well, living in a bus is not for everyone. But something in your brain chemistry changes after a trip like this. You’ve joined something larger than yourself.

Even if you can’t come back immediately, as you promise yourself, you’ll have these crystal-clear impressions at your fingertips for the rest of your life. Like listening to the slow slap of water on the raft and soft creek of the oars as you float down river, a slight breeze tempering the warm sun. Or that first sip of morning coffee while watching the wisps of fog hover over the river and twirl around the Doug firs. Like that little inadvertent gasp as you look up at the night sky and feel the immensity of it and the closeness of the stars. Yep, it’s awesome.

Rogue River rafting trips

All Star Rafting offers several multi-day rafting trips in Oregon to fit anyone’s ideal Rogue River rafting adventure. In addition to the new perspective on life and the beautiful scenery, these overnight trips include all the camp and rafting gear you’ll need and gourmet food for all dietary styles.

3, 4, and 5-day Rogue River camping trips

Don’t miss a minute with our multi-day camping trips on the Rogue River! Camping lets you fully experience the remoteness of the Rogue River and all of its wildlife. Prepare yourself for hearty meals, warm campfires, and star-filled skies.

4-day Rogue River lodge and camp combo rafting trip

Enjoy both the intimacy of camping and the comfort of a lodge on this combo rafting trip. You can expect to wake up with a multi-course camp breakfast as the sun rises in the canyon while also overnighting in the river’s wilderness lodges.

3-day lodge rafting trip

For outdoor lovers who also appreciate indoor comfort, this Rogue River rafting trip is for you! You can still experience all of the excursions offered on our camping trips including a visit to Zane Grey’s former writing getaway and waterfall hikes while staying in historic lodges along the way.

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